Moulton Morris Men




Data and Privacy

Moulton Morris Men hold very little personal data.

Any we do hold is for one or more the following purposes:

Legitimate interest:    

The core activities of running the club, such as membership contact information , contacts information for organising performances and publicity information (especially in the form of images). Generally this is data that the data subject could reasonably expect us to be holding.

Fulfilling Contracts

Information required to pay suppliers or get paid for performances

Legal Requirements

Any information we are required to hold by law

By Explicit Consent of the Data Subject

In certain cases falling outside of the above cases we will ask permission to hold particular personal data, as an example permission for use of certain  images

Privacy and Data Rights

Any personal data we do hold is held securely and not shared sold or otherwise passed to third parties without the data subject's permission. We endeavour to keep it as accurate as we can and delete it once it is no longer reasonably required for the purposes above.

You have the right to request to  see a copy of any personal data we hold about you, and if you so wish,  have it corrected or  have it deleted from our records. We will do this at no charge and as quickly as we can, and in all cases within a month of request .

If you wish to make a data request, please contact us via one of the methods on our Contact  page and ask for your request to be passed to the club data controller.

Note: Moulton Morris Men is a club with no distributed profits - all money received for performances etc is used for the purposes of running the activities of the club. The ICO have confirmed that as such the group is exempt from registration requirements for GDPR


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