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Moulton Village Festival

BACK TO NORMAL! 15-22 MAY 2022

 Every year in mid May, Moulton Village hosts its annual Village Festival.  Moulton Morris have always been closely associated with the

ancient custom of crowning a May Queen and every year Morris sides from all over the country arrive to decorate the May Cart with flowers

and form the procession round the village up to the crowning ceremony. In addition, there are stalls, concerts , dancing displays and other

activities throughout the weekend. Here are some pictures from the 2022 weekend (more to follow):

All ready for the start  /  Crowned!     >photo Andy Simons

The procession heading off round the village   photo: Andy Simons

Big crowd this year!   photo: Richard Eason 

Approaching The Artichoke  photo: Andy Simons

Massed Musicians ahead of the processsion   photo: Richard Eason

Our guests: Rose & Castle Morris   photo: NE

Our guests: Traditional Bampton Morris    photo: Jennie Lynne

Guests: Leominster Morris Men   photo: Jennie Lynne

Guests Brackley Morris Men  photo NE

Our guests Queens Oak Morris     photo:  NE

Our guests: "The Beast"  Saddleworth Morris Men      photo Jennie Lynne

Our guests White Hart Morris Men    photo: NE

Moulton MM jigging at The Telegraph   photo: NE

Time for a beer break!    Photo:  Jennie Lynne

Dancing outside the Cardigan Arms   Leominster Morris men  photo: Jennie Lynne 

Public Gardens packed this year! A beautiful day    photo: NE

Music session in The Artichoke   photo: Andy Simons

Friday concert: Prince of Wales Rattlers- 50th year!    photo: Andy Simons

The festival picture book - still available

Bubbles!  photo: Richard Eason


Moulton Maycart in the early 1920's






















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