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Thaxted Day of dance Summer 2018

"Princess Royal Jig"


And they weren't our own groupies!


Chippenham Folk Festival, Summer 2016

"Beaux of London City"

A dance from Badby, near Daventry , Northamptonshire. A local version of "shooting"


Earlsdon Morris Day of Dance, February  2016, Coventry City Centre

"Banks of the Dee"

Feast of Folk 2015 - "The Furze Field"

Unusually, danced at night time, near Milton Keynes

This is a dance from Bampton , near Faringdon in Oxfordshire.


Moulton Festival - "Princess Royal Jig"

Morris jigs are showey-offy dances performed to demonstrate all the dance steps in a tradition.

They can be danced by a solo dance but more often by two men, sometimes a few more! 



Kingsthorpe Fete 2013 - "Knuckles"

This is a Moulton village dance, named for its tendency to remove parts of the anatomy


Thaxted tour 2010 - "Two by Two"

This dance is the Bampton version of "Shepherds Hey"

We use an unusual tune , possibly a variant of "Trunkles" , which Simon picked up as a youngster,  from Bapton fiddler Arnold Woodley

Bromyard Festival - Bacca Pipes

The Bacca Pipes jig was a dance competition that used to be done as an amusement in pubs in Moulton and elsewhere.

The dancers try to outdo each other with complext steps over delicate clay pipes- he who breaks the pipes or

knocks off the coin placed on them loses the bet. This version is from Bampton in Oxfordshire.

Performed by Rob & Andy at Bromyard Folk festival.

Moulton Mummers Play - performance at Covent Garden, London

Moulton Morris were performing at Covent Garden Market in April 2008, for the St Georges Day celebrations.

The Mummers Play of St George and the Turkish knight can also be seen at Moulton every Boxing Day

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